Men of Queen

The Men of Queen meet every week on Saturday morning for one hour to increase their faith and to fellowship with other men in the parish.  The one hour meeting allows men to discuss and share their Catholic Faith.  

Come any Saturday morning to the meeting.  Meeting time 6:45-7:45 a.m..  You do not need to attend every week.  There is no homework and there is no cost.  Just a chance to share your faith with other Catholic men of the parish.  

A typical agenda:

6:45-7:00  Welcome and fellowship with coffee and donuts

7:00-7:45  Meeting in the parish hall

1.  Introductions begin at 7:00

2.  Prayer

3.  Table discussion and sharing

4.  Closing Prayer

5.  Meeting ends promptly at 7:45


Optionally in the Church

7:50-8:10 Rosary

8:15-8:45 Mass