Fiat for the Future


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Watch the video below of Father Bill's homily and the presentation from project architect Austin Massoth and Parish Council chair Bill Maloney.



Project Timeline

2017: Visioning a Future for Queen of the Holy Rosary

DO YOU RECALL how and when this all began?  In early 2017, Fr. Bill along with the Parish Council, established six Goals for the Parish to review.  In July 2017, a Visioning Process began which involved more than 50 parishioners, so many of you participated.  The Six Goals evolved into 10 Visioning Teams, one of which was Facilities. 

The Facilities Visioning Team was charged with reviewing the current facility needs of the parish as well as future needs that may come from the other teams.  In December 2017, the Visioning Process was completed with all teams reporting to the Visioning Team Executive Committee. 

November, 2017:  Key Insights of the Facilities Visioning Team:
  1. The campus needs space for multiple meeting groups of 30-50 people, ADA compliant and with corresponding AV technology. There is only one existing space that partially meets those requirements, the Parish Hall.  QHR has over 30 ministries which require meeting space on some frequency and many are weekly.  Conflicts for reserving space occur often. 
  2. The Convent and Church Office lack ADA compliance, security and modern heat and A/C. Therefore, they are very much underutilized.  It was determined that it was not cost effective to upgrade these buildings.  Also, they are not very welcoming for visitors.
  3. To follow our Mission Statement to be more hospitable, the Narthex of the church needs to be enlarged to the east.
2018-2019: The Fiat for the Future Capital Campaign Begins

April 1, 2018:  The Visioning Team Executive Committee gave a report in the Sunday bulletin of forward action required of the ten Visioning Teams, called the Strategic Pastoral Plan.  Throughout the remainder of 2018, they established that the best way to achieve the needs established by the Visioning Facilities Team was a capital improvement project.  Consequently, the Fiat Center Project was born.

Throughout 2018 and into 2019, the Facilities Visioning Team continued work on developing a capital improvement project for a new L-shaped building.  The project included demo of the existing office building, extending the Narthex east and a covered connection from the church to the new building.  Preliminary plans were developed and costs were estimated at $4,000,000.  This did not include the Archdiocese One Faith, One Future Capital Campaign, which had assessed Queen for $1,100,000.

Throughout 2019, a capital fundraising campaign was developed with the assistance of a consultant.  Fr. Bill mailed out letters with pledge cards and information presentations were held in the church after all Masses and in the Parish Hall to explain the project. 

2020-2021: Re-evaluating the Project after the Pandemic

March, 2020:  COVID.  The campaign continued even though the church was closed.  Pledges received were $2,600,000 and the amount collected was $795,000 from 498 families.  Project planning continued, but slowed.   Construction costs increased significantly due to COVID shutdowns and restrictions.

August, 2021:  It was determined that the campaign could not support the original project due to rising construction costs.  The church office (Rectory) would stay, the Narthex would not be extended and the covered walkway between the church and the new building would not be built at this time.  The Fiat Center would be smaller, but would still accommodate the majority of the parish needs.

2022: Our Commitment to One Faith, One Future

Early 2022:  The Parish Finance Committee decided to pay off the Archdiocese’s One Faith Campaign in the amount of $1,035,000.  Because we had available funds, we were able to make one payment which gave us a discount from the original assessed amount of $1,100,000.  All parishes had to pay a predetermined assessment, but we were able to benefit because we had our own concurrent capital campaign.

2022: Building for the Future

April 24, 2022:  Fr. Bill sent out a 2nd campaign letter with all the details, mainly the church office will stay, the Narthex will not be extended at this time and the new building will be smaller.  The revised project cost is estimated at $2,750,000 rather than $4,000,000.  The letter asked for additional pledges for the current shortfall of approximately $1,263,000. 

July, 2022:  (Behind the scenes work) Site soil borings and geotechnical report completed.

August, 2022:  The Fiat Oversight Committee was established from members of the Facilities Visioning Team.  They are Ralph Pruente, Austin Massoth and C.J. Pfieffer.  They represent the professions of Construction Project Management, Building Construction, Architecture, and Facilities Maintenance.  They report to Fr. Bill.  Queen is fortunate to have them.

Revisiting the WHY

WHY are we building for the future?

  • Need more meeting rooms for the 30 plus ministries
  • Accommodate special events for the school
  • Make office more accessible and welcoming
  • Provide for adult formation such as School of Faith
  • Need ADA compliant space with latest AV capabilities
  • Provide for future generations

How can you help?

  • Are you or do you know a subcontractor or supplier?
  • Do you own a business in AV equipment, blinds or other furnishings?
  • Would you make a donation for naming rights to a room?
  • Would you buy a window or supply art?
  • Do you have woodworking skills with wood from the Silver Maple?
  • Could you supply courtyard furnishings?

For questions or comments, contact Ralph Pruente, [email protected]

Fall 2022: Gaining Momentum

September 30, 2022:  Latest financial report establishes that after the 2nd Campaign pledges there is still a remaining shortfall amount of $341,500.  Due to additional pledges, as reported in the December 4th bulletin, the shortfall amount is reduced to $319,000.

October, 2022.  Site survey and property description completed.

November 15, 2022:  Fr. Bill received notice that the Archdiocese had approved a loan to cover any cash shortfalls up to $1.4M with a 5 year term.  This is assurance of available cash once the project is started.  Receipt of future pledges should cover the payback.

December, 2022:  Discussions of Preliminary and Final Development Plans with the Overland Park Planning Staff were completed.

December 2022: City Planning Approval

December 12, 2022:  The Oversight Committee met with the Overland Park Planning Commission in a Public Hearing to review any public concerns and to review plans as required for obtaining city approval.  The plans were approved with required stipulations as follows:

  • Install four landscaped islands on the north and south sides of the parking lot between the school and Fiat Center. (taking up 8 parking spaces)
  • Provide additional street trees adjacent to Metcalf Avenue and 71st
  • All rooftop and ground mounted mechanical equipment must be screened from view.
  • All existing public sidewalks must meet City standards of repair.
  • All new sidewalks and ramps must meet current City standards.
  • All preliminary and final plats must be completed.
  • All driveways and parking areas are subject to review.
2023: Close to Breaking Ground!

December 14, 2022:  The Oversight Committee met with four General Contractors on campus to review the site and answer any questions before bidding on Preconstruction Services.  The four contractors were A.L. Huber, Rau, KBS and Straub.  They all have experience in church building construction projects.

December 21, 2022:  Bids were due in the office by 5:00 pm.

January 3, 2023:  The Oversight Committee met with Fr. Bill to review the bids on criteria such as cost, trust, Company age, proposal presentation, transparency, integrity, management systems, Kansas Catholic experience and overall comfort level by the Oversight Committee. 

Straub Construction was selected to provide Preconstruction Services starting immediately in preparation for the actual construction in midyear.  These services include providing pricing, overall project scheduling, construction logistics, assist in actual construction bidding, subcontractor selection, cost control, reviewing alternatives with the architect and Oversight Committee and more as needed.