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July 2022 Update

The rejuvenation of the Fiat for the Future Capital Campaign this spring has produced very encouraging results so far. Our restated goal is $2,750,000. As of June 30th, we had $1,124,807 in our Fiat Capital Account, out of which we paid $12,115 in architectural fees. In addition to that, we have $1,239,146 in pledges for a total of $2,363,953, leaving us with just $386,047 remaining to reach our goal.

Of the $2,750,000 goal, $2.5 million is dedicated to the construction of the Fiat Center and $250,000 is dedicated to the construction of new outdoor stairs to the gymnasium at John Paul II and the replacement of the windows on the north side of the east and west wings. The permit is in place for the stairs and an engineering study will commence soon for the Fiat Center. We are very pleased with the progress and very grateful and excited to be close to breaking ground.

Please return your completed pledge cards as soon as you are able. Even if you pledged during the previous campaign, an updated pledge card will help us have the latest information. If you have misplaced your Fiat for the Future mailing and pledge card, please contact the Parish Office for another copy.

You can also subscribe to monthly email newsletters about Fiat for the Future (as well as receive weekly parish newsletters) by completing the form at

Watch the video below of Father Bill's homily and the presentation from project architect Austin Massoth and Parish Council chair Bill Maloney.