Walking with Moms in Need

Queen of the Holy Rosary is a “Walking with Moms in Need” parish, which means that we can provide emotional, material and spiritual support to pregnant, parenting and post-abortive women and men through our parish and community partners. Archbishop Naumann articulated the following in a January 2020 homily, “Our goal…is to take concrete steps to expand the help available to mothers, not only during the pregnancy but for months and even years after the child’s birth. We want to do everything possible to help both mother and child, not only survive but thrive.”

Pregnant and parenting moms are in need are in our churches and are in our neighborhoods.  We are extremely lucky to live in a community that has so many resources for pregnant and parenting moms. We want everyone in our parish community to know where to refer a pregnant and/or parenting mom in need.

Would you know how to help a mom in need?

Are you a pregnant and/or parenting mom that needs help?  

Are you suffering after an abortion?

We can help!

Our Walking With Moms in Need volunteers partner with the Gabriel Project, local pregnancy resource centers and other charitable ministries to connect mothers to the services they need.  With your help we can uplift these women with our prayer, support and kindness.  

For more information or to help a mom in need please call the church at 913-432-3616.

If you are a mom in need and need assistance after church office hours please contact The Gabriel Project at 913-602-0306.