Small Group Formation Guidelines

Queen of the Holy Rosary encourages faith formation through small group engagement. This may take several forms, such as prayer groups, bible study groups, Christian literature study, and so on. The church has a limited amount of space available for parish-sponsored small groups that will be made available on a first come-first served basis.

To be considered a parish-sponsored organization, the participants must have a designated leader who is a member of the parish who will be responsible for requesting space for the faith formation activity. The following information must be submitted to the parish office:

  • Parishioner leader’s name and contact information.
  • Names of the small group participants.
  • Subject matter of the faith formation activity.
  • Requested start date and time.
  • If meeting more than once, will it be daily, weekly, or monthly?
  • End date if applicable.
  • Space required (# people).
  • Set-up required.
  • AV required.

Download Proposal Form Here

Upon receiving this information, the parish priest will determine if the small group qualifies as a parish sponsored organization. If the determination is yes, parish staff will work with the parishioner leader to identify appropriate available space on the parish campus for the small group to meet.