Confirmation 2022-2023

7th Grade Requirements

8th Grade Requirements

  • Baptismal Certificate: Fill out online form if not already completed
  • Service Hours - 20 hours recorded in service booklet
  • Mass Reflections - 4 throughout the year, must submit at least 1 reflection by December 11th
  • 2 Holy Hours throughout the Year
  • Retreat - Archdiocesan Youth Rally, February 26th
  • Letter to the Archbishop (view instructions)
  • Attend Candidate/Sponsor Workshops on October 9th, December 11th, February 12th, and April 16th at 1pm in Church Basement
    • Sponsor is required to attend these meetings with Candidate
    • If Sponsor is unable to attend (distance, work, etc.), then parent must attend with Candidate
  • Confirmation on May 18th, at 7 pm

                      Strongly Encouraged:

  • Life Teen—Attend at least 2 Life Nights throughout the year. Confirmation isn’t graduation from learning about the faith, you have a lifetime of formation ahead of you! Life Teen meets on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 6-7:30pm to break bread together, enjoy a fun activity, explore a truth of the Church, and enter into a beautiful and unique time of prayer. 

 Due Date Schedule:

  7th Grade 8th Grade
Baptismal Certificate January 8th, 2023 ASAP
Sponsor March 5th, 2023

If not completed,

Due by November 13th, 2022

Saint March 5th, 2023

If not completed,

Due by November 13th, 2022

Christian Service Service Booklets due by May 7th, 2023 Service Booklets due by May 7th, 2023
Mass Reflections

1 Reflection due by January 8th, 2023

All Reflections (3 total) due by May 7th, 2023

1 Reflection due by December 11th, 2022

All Reflections (4 total) due by May 7th, 2023

Holy Hour May 7th, 2023 May 7th, 2023

Archdiocesan Youth Rally

February 26th, 2023

Archdiocesan Youth Rally

February 26th, 2023

Letter to the Archbishop N/A Due April 16th, 2023


Why do I need...?

...Baptismal certificate?

In order to be confirmed, one must first be baptized. If you were not baptized at Queen, we need to know that you were baptized and where you were baptized. We also need to send a record of your Confirmation to the church of your Baptism, where all of your sacramental records are kept!

…A sponsor?

The life of a Christian believer is not easy. We need to have people around us to support and uplift us as we journey closer to Christ. The Church requires a candidate for Confirmation to have a sponsor to provide prayerful support and guidance on this walk. This is a lifelong commitment that must be taken seriously. A sponsor’s responsibility is to disciple the candidate and help them fulfill their baptismal promise and live a life of prayer, sacraments, and evangelization.  


…A patron saint?

In choosing a confirmation saint, we are choosing someone we want to be like and someone that can pray for us from heaven. A saint is someone who has walked the Christian walk before us and we can pray to them just as we would talk to a friend. They help us in our own journey towards sainthood. We also take on their name. This has biblical roots. Just like when Simon's name changed to Peter when he took on a new mission - you take on a new name as you take on a new mission in the Church. 


...Christian service?

Confirmation is calling us to live a life of discipleship. Part of being a disciple is living a life of service. We also know that when we encounter the poor, we encounter Jesus Himself. As we do service to prepare for confirmation, we will come to know Christ in a new way and come to live out a life of discipleship. 


...Mass reflections?

The Mass is Christ’s sacrifice made present again. It’s not recalled, as if it had been absent or was merely a past event. It’s re-presented. And so when we go to Mass, we are connected to the life-giving power of these saving events that have the power to make all things new. And we are offering to the Father the only sacrifice that could possibly please him: the perfect offering of his perfect Son. But it is our offering as well, since the Son has generously made us members of his body.

In the Eucharist, our offering of bread and wine is transformed into Christ’s body and blood. Everything looks the same as before. Even with a microscope, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, for the level at which this change happens is far too deep for human probing. But in the Eucharist, Christ is as truly present in his body, blood, soul, and divinity as when he walked the roads of Galilee, healing and preaching. The Eucharist is a meal, both the Lord's Supper and His holy sacrifice. We are able to both see Him and receive Him into ourselves, becoming walking tabernacles. The Eucharist sustains us in our walk as Christians, and is the source and summit of our faith.

Regular Mass attendance is essential as a Catholic-Christian, and taking time to reflect on the truth of the Gospel and the beauty of Jesus in the Eucharist is an important part in our faith journey.


...Holy Hour?

Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist, and He desires us to sit with Him, talk with Him, and praise Him. It is a beautiful prayer to be able to sit face to face with the Lord of the Universe. We are able to sit in His presence, be still, and contemplate. Adoration is a great way to grow deeper in your relationship with God. 

…to write a letter to Archbishop Naumann?

It is important that you personally desire the sacrament of Confirmation. It doesn’t matter if your parents want it for you or your catechists or even your pastor - you must desire this sacrament for yourself. The Archbishop is the one who is administering the sacrament to you and needs to know that you desire this sacrament. The letter is the way to show the bishop that you want to be confirmed.