First Communion

First Communion 2024

Through the Eucharist, Jesus wants to be with us every single day! He gives us special graces through the sacraments, so we should visit Him often! After receiving First Reconciliation, your child will be ready to receive their First Communion! Through Baptism, they are already part of the body of Christ. Through the Eucharist, they are invited to an even deeper communion with the body of Christ! In order to successfully prepare for this momentous sacrament, there are a few important dates to note!

Parent Meeting

SOR, JPII, and homeschooling parents are required to attend a meeting with Fr. Bill Bruning and Grace Trainor. Please join us in the school Cafeteria for this half hour meeting on February 18th, 2024 at 10:30am. Fr. Bill will share about the importance of the sacrament and how we can best help our children to prepare to receive Jesus in his full body, blood, soul, and divinity! Grace will be available to answer any questions about the Jesus Day Retreat or the First Communion Day.

Jesus Day Retreat

On March 23rd, all of our First Communion students (SOR and JPII), will come spend the afternoon preparing for First Communion. We will be attending the 4pm mass as a Sacrament class. Parents are encouraged to attend mass with us! More details and registration to come.

First Communion Rehearsal

On April 13th at 9am, we will rehearse for First Communion in the Church. This will not take too long, but we want to make sure that everyone knows where they are going, where they are sitting, and give one last push of encouragement. Kids will not need to be dressed in their nice First Communion clothes, but please wear clothing that is appropriate to be in the Church (clean, no rips, no innappropriate language, not too short, etc.)

First Communion

We will have a special mass for First Communion! This mass will be on April 14th at 2pm. We will sit in the front as a sacrament class. Families will be randomly assigned a pew. Professional pictures will be taken, so no worries about not being too close to the front!

What Should My Child Wear?

Your Child is coming face to face with the King of the Universe in the tiny white host, so we want to be dressed well! That said, this isn't a fashion show and we don't want outfits that are over the top or will distract your child during mass. If you have questions about a specific item of clothing that your child would like to wear, please let Grace Trainor know at or 913.722.2206. 

For Boys

  • A dark suit (slacks and a jacket) OR a white suit with a white button down shirt and a tie
    • Please ensure that pants are not too loose, so as to be modest and not pose a tripping hazard
  • Dress Shoes (black for a dark suit or white for a white suit)
    • Please ensure that shoes fit comfortably, we wouldn't want a child to trip or drop the Eucharist!

For Girls

  • A white/ivory dress that reaches past the knees
    • Dress can be of any material (tulle, organza, satin, lace, etc.)
    • Must have sleeves (or a cardigan/bolero to throw over if sleeveless)
  • Flat/very low heeled white shoes
    • Please ensure that your daughter can walk comfortably without tripping in her shoes
    • White Socks/tights may be worn
  • White veil
    • Can be made of any material and attached to the hair with a comb, small tiara, small flower crown, or other small headpiece
    • A small mantilla veil (such as this one) can be worn during mass after their First Communion. Many girls and young women like to show their reverence for the Lord and help prepare themselves for prayer by wearing a veil to Sunday Mass. It is an ancient tradition that many, including several women in our parish, continue! 
  • Optional items:
    • A small purse
    • Gloves (must be taken off during mass)
    • Jewellery, such as a necklace, earrings, or bracelet (Nothing too flashy, we want to keep the focus on Jesus, not ourselves)
    • Girls can wear LIGHT, age appropriate makeup (a small amount of blush, mascara, lip gloss, etc)