Vacation Bible School


June 24-28th, from 9am-Noon

Grades K-5

Bring your sense of adventure to Queen of the Holy Rosary, June 24-28th, because we will be exploring the wilderness and discovering our faith along the way!

REGISTER TODAY! 2024 QHR VBS registration

Use the link above to register Child participants, Youth Volunteers (Grades 6-12), and Adult Volunteers (18+)!


  • Inexpensive activity for students to keep focused on God during the Summer
  • Learn catchy songs, get your body moving, and dig deeper than the surface to truly hear what Jesus has to say!
  • Time to socialize, pray, and grow in the faith!

EXPERIENCE Five days of singing, dancing, crafting, playing, and dramatic retellings of Gospel stories!

  • A Bible Verse song to help kids learn more about God's Word
  • A daily craft that explores God's word of the day
  • See the faith acted out on the stage!
  • Learn about the sacraments
  • Connection Questions to spark meaningful conversations with kids and parents

EXPLORE We are getting ready for the hike of our lives to discover the sources of the Christian life! 

        • Day 1 Theme - The Sacrament of Baptism
          • Who brought the water?!
        • Day 2 Theme - The Sacrament of Eucharist
          • Bite sized faith
        • Day 3 Theme - The Sacrament of Confirmation
          • Apostles on Fire!
        • Day 4 Theme - Sacraments of Healing
          • We've got the first aid kit!
        • Day 5 Theme - Sacraments of Mission
          • Bring a buddy!