Vacation Bible School


June 12-16th, from 9am-Noon

Grades K-5

We're digging for treasure! This summer, QHR is very excited to offer a fun, spirit-filled VBS experience for all of our children!

  • Inexpensive activity for students to keep focused on God during the Summer
  • Learn catchy songs, get your body moving, and dig deeper than the surface to truly hear what Jesus has to say!
  • Time to socialize, pray, and grow in the faith!

EXPERIENCE Five days of singing, dancing, crafting, playing, and dramatic retellings of Gospel stories!

  • A Bible Verse song to help kids learn more about God's Word
  • A daily craft that explores God's word of the day
  • See the faith acted out on the stage!
  • Learn the parables
  • Connection Questions to spark meaningful conversations with kids and parents

EXPLORE Brush off the ol' shovels and get ready to strike gold!

  • Day 1 Theme - It's a secret
    • God will help us to understand! (Matt 13:10-11, 16)
  • Day 2 Theme - Listen up
    • God's word can take root and grow in us if we listen! (Mark 4:2-9, 13-20)
  • Day 3 Theme - It's growing!
    • Small things become great with God! (Matt 13:31-33)
  • Day 4 Theme - Found it
    • God loves us! (Luke 15:1-10)
  • Day 5 Theme - Just ask
    • When we seek and ask, God will help us to find what we need! (Luke 11:5-13)


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Get excited about the parables with these great videos! We'll see you there!