Discovering Christ

We began our ChristLife formation program in the Fall of 2019 with Part One: Discovering Christ. It was well-attended and hugely successful. If you are interested in participating in Part Two: Following Christ, click here!



Discovering Christ at Queen of the Holy Rosary

Discovering Christ focused on these topics for during the Sunday evening events and the retreat:

Event 1 - What Is the Meaning of Life? 

Event 2 - Why Does Jesus Matter? 

Event 3 - What Does Jesus Want Us To Know? 

Event 4 - Why Do We Need a Savior? 

Event 5 - Why Is the Resurrection Important?

Retreat - Who is the Holy Spirit? and The Holy Spirit and You 

Event 6 - New Life in the Spirit 

Event 7 - Our Need for the Church 

Watch a preview of Event 1 - What Is the Meaning of Life?